Friday, October 21, 2016

The End of Fall?

I've had a very productive day.  I loaded a quilt onto my frame this morning and it is almost done.  Also cut the fabric for a couple of batik mug mats-Island Batik, of course.  Covered some of the plants ready for winter, brought in some wood and took the dog for a walk.  It was a brisk walk as I had on a light coat and it was cooler than I thought it was. 
We are getting  below freezing temperatures this coming week so it seems as though fall might be drawing to a close.  I got some of my winter clothes out of storage today as well and folded my shorts and summer tops ready to be put away for the season.  It always takes a few days doing the seasonal clothes change over and each time I discard the things I didn't wear.  However, I still always seem to have a lot more things than I really need.
I am trying to type with the dog on my lap.  She is feeling a bit fidgety tonight.  Not sure why.  Perhaps she can smell a bear or something. Or just wants to be fussed.
Have  a great weekend,

Thursday, October 20, 2016

A New Machine

My new machine arrived today.  I wasn't expecting it until tomorrow at the very earliest so it was a nice surprise.  It is a Janome with a few basic decorative stitches and the other functions I wanted like needle up/down, bobbin declutch so I can wind without having to stop sewing.  Not a fancy machine but what I wanted.  Some might question whether I made a wise decision as I sold a machine with far more functions and another that is sturdier although not computerized.  I guess it comes down to what you want.  And this one is it.  There isn't a steep learning curve so I can start sewing right away.
Our temperature is starting to drop and stay down.  I finally finished planting my new tulips and I better get the leaves around the plants that need protecting.  We aren't expecting below freezing temps yet but they will arrive.
Other than my article for the Quilt Pattern Magazine (which doesn't have to be submitted until early next week) I have caught up with everything on my schedule.  Yesterday I was feeling overwhelmed and today I'm done.  Of course, I did keep plugging away and that makes the difference.  If you fuss without doing, you will always be in the same place.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Well, the Blue Jays are out of the running for the Baseball Championship so it is back to normal for us.  No shame in loosing to a team with such great pitchers but we were all full of hope.
I just finished filling an order for neck scarves for the local Scout group and now can get back at doing some quilting.  I finished a top on Monday and will get it on the frame.  I have a craft show coming up early Nov. so need to get some things made for that.
It seems like I never get caught up.  It isn't only quilting and writing that need my time but things like planting spring bulbs or giving the dog a hair trim.  I know you probably have the same problem.  Our speaker, on Sunday, said that if time is infinite why do we never have enough of it?  Good question.  The answer is,  more than likely,  because we take on more than we should.
Someone said that there is time enough to rest after you are dead but that doesn't seem to be the right solution.  Perhaps, I will declare a me day.  I won't do anything that has to be done for someone else (except hubby and dog).  I will work on my own quilting projects or just read a book.
Some day!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Colour Coded Storage

I have been getting a lot of wonderful comments regarding the quilt top photo I uploaded on Wednesday.  I appreciate all of you taking the time. I am looking forward to getting it finished but have to wait until I get some black batting.  This will solve the problem of having little white pokies coming through on the back.
In the meantime, I am working on another quilt that was a result of a retreat put on by The Quilt Pattern Magazine (  I almost have all the sections finished.
I seem to be going through a stage of losing things.  Yesterday, I discovered that I had lost the charger for my camera battery, today it is a reservation for a hotel in Toronto.  I made it a while ago, didn't get to use it and was going to give it to a family member.  However, when I checked the folder on my computer where it was saved, it was gone.  Not sure what happened but I don't have anything in any of my folders for that email address.  A Windows 10 thing?  Annoying and frustrating.
I have been able to find another charger at a great price from a company I have dealt with before so that is a plus.
In Thursday's post, I asked if anyone had tips for keeping their sewing room tidy.  Karen said she keeps her work in totes and anything that needs to be done right away is put in a red one.  I wouldn't have thought of coloured coded totes.  Thanks, Karen.  Great idea.
Don't forget to check out the last of the blog hop posts and enter the contest for the Folk Art Quilted Traditions and some fabric.
Friday October 14
Lara Buccella -
Looks like we are going to have a warm but wet weekend.  I am still trying to get my yard work done.  Maybe between the raindrops tomorrow.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Cleaning Plan

I got 2 bushels of apples in the freezer today.  Most were cut up for pies and other desserts and the rest became applesauce.  I saved a few so I could give some to a friend and then made hubby an apple crisp.  He had spent a good bit of the day cutting down a tree that was casting too much shade onto a flower garden and  sawing wood into stove lengths.  I thought I would reward him with his favourite dessert.
I also got my studio back into order so I can, once again, see the cutting and pressing tables.  It is so much easier to work when you can find your tools and have room to do what you need.  No matter how often I try, I just don't seem to be able to get everything back in its place by the end of each day.  Part of the reason is that I don't know when I am finished for the day.  Something may come up and I only get a few hours of sewing in the morning or, I may continue on into the evening.
What seems to work best for me is to just leave everything until I finish a project and then clean.  How do you keep your work space tidy?  Perhaps you have an idea that would be better than mine.  Leave me a comment and I will share it with everyone else.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Folk Art Traditions

Folk Art Quilted Traditions Blog Hop - My Houston Auction Quilt!

I have been having major problems getting ready for todays blog.  I had been concentrating on getting the quilt ready but ran into machine problems.  I have had to unpick all the quilting I had done so have not been able to show you a photo of the completed quilt.  However, I am sharing what I do have.
The first photo is the completed top, the second a close up of the centre and the third photo is what some of the quilting will look like.  This will be on the outside border.  The light corners will be a close meander as will the centre block which will also include outline stitching.  I have use a dark blue thread on top and black on back.
Now let me tell you about the pattern itself.  It is from a wonderful new book called Folk Art Traditions by Suzy Webster.  The book include 12 blocks (I used # 12) and 4 projects. My wall hanging is called Traditions and while I used her instructions, I changed the centre  from # 6.  The blocks themselves can be used in whatever manner that your creativity comes up with.  Suzy uses machine applique but they can just as easily be done by hand.  I am only just getting comfortable with machine applique but her instructions are so easy to follow that I didn't have any concern with tackling what could have been a challenging project. A list of supplies is given along with suggestions about what works best.
I chose this particular project of Suzy's because I liked the pieced order and I think it really adds a touch of pizzazz.

If you would like a chance to win a copy of the book, click on the 'contest' link below.  Don't forget to read the other blogs and see more photos of projects.
A complete list of the blogs was on yesterdays post but here are the ones for today and tomorrow.
Blessings and don't forget to scroll down for the contest link.

Wednesday, October 12

Thursday, October 13
Maryellen McAuliffe -

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Blog Hop and Prizes

I have a new blog hop for you and it has prizes.  It started yesterday but you can still check out the blogs which are listed below.
My post is tomorrow and I have been really committing myself to getting the quilt done that I will share.  Unfortunately, my machine decided to act up and I have had to unpick the top.  I will still post it tomorrow but you won't be able to see the quilting but I will share that also when it is done.

The link to the draw will be on each of the blogs so read them and enter.  I will also have it for you tomorrow.

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